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Canada reduces staff at Indian missions: Will visa services be impacted?



The recent move by the Justin Trudeau-led Canadian government to reduce the number of local staff at its missions across India has raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity about the decision. Last year, in October, Ottawa withdrew 41, or more than two-thirds, of its diplomats from India.

Canada has cited a shortage of Canadian supervisory personnel as the primary reason for reducing diplomatic personnel in its High Commission in New Delhi and its consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru. Effective management of operations in India necessitates a certain number of Canadian supervisory staff, and the current shortage seems to have prompted this adjustment. This decision underscores the importance Canada places on maintaining operational efficiency and effectiveness in its diplomatic endeavours.

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While it may appear as a reduction in manpower, it reflects a strategic realignment to ensure that the available resources are optimally utilised to fulfil Canada’s diplomatic objectives in India.Despite the reduction in staff, Canada reassures that it will continue to deliver core services to Canadians in India. This includes consular support and initiatives for trade and business development. The statement from a High Commission official emphasises Canada’s commitment to sustaining the longstanding ties between Canadians and Indians.

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Furthermore, Canada affirms that its visa application centres in India are operating as normal, indicating that the reduction in staff has been carefully managed to minimise disruptions to essential services.

Canada reduces staff at Indian missions: Will visa services be impacted?

In acknowledging the dedication and service of local staff in India, Canada expresses its sincere gratitude. The contributions of local staff are invaluable in maintaining the smooth functioning of diplomatic missions, and Canada’s recognition of their efforts underscores the importance of collaboration and partnership in international relations. As diplomatic ties between Canada and India continue to evolve, such decisions are part of the ongoing effort to adapt to changing circumstances and uphold the interests of both nations.

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If you plan to visit Canada for tourism, to meet family or friends, or for official purposes, you can apply for a Canada Visitor Visa or short-stay visa. The starting fee for a Canada Visitor Visa is $100 (INR 6051). Typically, a Canada Visitor Visa from India is processed within 47 days.

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