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Canadian Tire and Publicis Toronto Add a Fashion Twist to Viral Bucket Battle | LBBOnline



In Canada, where politeness is as common as maple syrup, an unexpected twist in the marketing realm has captivated the nation. Over the past month, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Home Hardware have engaged in a friendly yet lively battle over their respective buckets on social media, showcasing the playful essence of Canadian competitiveness. Embracing the opportunity to infuse a dash of flair into this amicable rivalry, Canadian Tire, in partnership with Publicis Toronto, proudly presents their latest creation: The OG Bucket Hat.

The Canadian Tire Bucket has long been a staple in households across the country. Versatile and dependable, it can handle everything from hauling sand to storing hockey pucks and even safely holding food-grade items like oysters. Found in garages, basements, and backyards from coast to coast, the Canadian Tire Bucket is an essential accessory for millions of Canadians. Recognising its status as a beloved everyday item, Canadian Tire saw an opportunity to give it an accessory of its own.

Thus, The ‘OG Bucket Hat’ was born.

“The buzz surrounding this good-natured banter within the online community was impossible to ignore” explains Vini Dalvi, chief creative officer of Publicis Toronto. “We knew we had to respond with a splash to establish Canadian Tire’s Bucket as Canada’s most iconic bucket, without taking ourselves too seriously”.

Playfully named ‘The OG Bucket Hat’, pointing to the fact that the Canadian Tire bucket has a long history in the hearts and homes of Canadians, the accessory will take centre stage in a playful, high-fashion campaign. A whimsical photoshoot has been curated to showcase its versatility. 

“While the Canadian Tire Bucket may seem unassuming at first glance, it has cultivated a devoted following amongst Canadians,” said Natalya Lukie, associate vice president, strategic marketing, Canadian Tire. “We’ve been delighted to witness the ongoing social buzz surrounding our bucket and couldn’t resist riding the wave, paying tribute to Canada’s favourite bucket and giving it the recognition it deserves.”

Set to debut on April 22nd, the launch of the OG Bucket Hat will be supported with video on Canadian Tire’s Instagram and TikTok channels and engage numerous influencers, providing them with exclusive Bucket Hats for the occasion. Lucky followers will also get a chance to receive their own Bucket Hats.

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