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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Investigate the unknown — but be careful how far you dig | CBC Life



After a slow astrological stretch, we’ll be hit with a bevy of cosmic energy this week. It kicks off early Monday morning, or late Sunday depending on your time zone, with intellectual Mercury speeding into progressive Aquarius. This transit encourages us to approach one another with open minds, so we can turn our collective focus toward finding truly fresh ways of doing things. Our ability to find connection through technology is also amplified when the planet of communication moves through the fixed air sign; use this as an opportunity to engage with new people and ideas. 

Later on Monday, Mercury will go on to conjunct transformative Pluto in analytical Aquarius, calling us to investigate the unknown. But while this aspect can help us find missing puzzle pieces and reveal hidden truths, it’s important to be mindful of where — and how deep — you dig. Otherwise, you could end up uncovering information you wish you had left undisturbed. 

You may start to feel a little bit restless when charismatic Venus trines unpredictable Uranus on Wednesday. Find a positive way to channel this nervous energy by exploring activities where you could meet exciting new people. This is a beautiful moment to accept last-minute invitations, invest in your creativity and take big leaps of faith — who knows where you might end up?  

Then, when the spirit-driving sun squares rebellious Uranus on Thursday, take a second to really reflect on where friction is arising in your life. If you’ve been experiencing a power struggle or are having difficulty breaking a bad habit, it may be time to adjust the way you operate. Try to channel any feelings of frustration you have into making concrete changes that’ll transform your outlook. 

On Friday, the moon will begin a fresh cycle in idealistic Aquarius, opening our eyes to the ways that our relationships with others can transform our lives and help us manifest our dreams. Seize this chance to reach out to your favourite people and strike up meaningful new friendships. 

Finally, when chatty Mercury squares expansive Jupiter on Saturday, do your best to avoid biting off more than you can chew. It can be easy to get ahead of ourselves under this aspect, so you’ll want to be cautious of how you present yourself, and your knowledge, to others. There’s still much to learn — if you’re willing to listen.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, February 5, 2024.


Forget the status quo, Aries. Starting this week, you’ll be in a prime position to shake up your routines and try out some healthy new habits. As you do, don’t hesitate to invite some friends along for the ride; your nearest and dearest can help you stay motivated as you explore alternative activities and wellness practices. Come mid-week, you may be feeling inspired to redirect your focus toward serving a meaningful cause. Get your creative wheels turning to figure out how you can make a real difference in your local and global communities. This is a beautiful time to consider how you fit into the bigger picture. 


Have you been getting back as much as you’re putting in, Taurus? Beginning now and continuing throughout the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to repair any disconnects that exist between your worth and your work. This will be an ideal opportunity to have frank discussions about where you’d like to spend your time and energy moving forward; you could even discover new ways of growing your wealth in the process. Still, try not to let this focus on your professional world become all-consuming. Do your best to leave work at your doorstep when you’re off the clock. 


Let your mind wander, Gemini. If it feels as though you’ve been stuck in problem-solving mode lately, this week will offer you an excellent chance to release your inner philosopher and enjoy a little escapism. But while slipping into this romantic way of thinking may be ultra enticing, try not to let it distract you from tending to your usual responsibilities. Near the end of the week, prepare to stretch your wings and fly when it comes to your most ambitious goals. You’re meant to soar, but in order to do so, you must take a moment to really evaluate what’s been holding you back. 


Trust your intuition, Cancer. Starting now and continuing throughout the next two weeks, your powers of deduction will be heightened, which could give you an upper hand in delicate matters. Use your keen instincts to make informed decisions about your finances and shared resources throughout this period. Come mid-week, don’t be afraid to discuss your true passions with people you trust, as an honest conversation could mark the beginning of a beautiful business partnership. Meanwhile, if you’ve been wanting to take action to restore more balance to your world, you could get a golden opportunity to begin setting things straight. 


Solutions tend to come quicker when you think out loud and brainstorm with others, Leo. You’ll be wise to remember that if you find yourself mulling over any big financial decisions over the next two weeks. Seeking an outside opinion from the people around you could make all the difference — just be sure that you have complete confidence in someone before you choose to entrust them with any sensitive information. Then, once you’ve taken care of your most pressing money matters, carve out some time to blow off steam and enjoy your win with your nearest and dearest. 


Are you ready to catch up on some cleaning, Virgo? Beginning now and continuing throughout the next two weeks, you’ll be called to spend time reorganizing any spaces or areas of your life that have been evading your watchful eye of late. Working to declutter your world will help you free up space for new goals and projects to blossom. Then, don’t be afraid to take your eyes off your task list to enjoy a love connection mid-week. Singles could be swept off their feet by someone who checks all their boxes. Meanwhile, those in relationships may feel inspired to burn off extra energy by dancing or exercising with their partners. 


Don’t dim your light for others, Libra. Starting now and continuing throughout the next two weeks, your inner entertainer could emerge, urging you to explore your playful side and put on a show. Seize this opportunity to express your creativity, indulge your imagination and connect with your intuition. Come mid-week, you may feel called to elevate your domestic world. But if you find your motivation flagging toward the weekend, remind yourself that a little cleaning here and reorganizing there could go a long way toward reshaping your surroundings — and uplifting your spirits, too. 


It may be fun to play detective, but are you prepared for what you might find, Scorpio? You’ll be wise to ask yourself this at the start of the week, when you could fall down a rabbit hole that permanently alters how you view your home and family life. That said, if you’re looking for change and are ready to accept that there’s no going back, don’t hesitate to start digging — you could be in for a much-needed moment of healing. Then, try to mind your manners mid-week, as an unexpected event could test your patience. Practising compassion will help you weather the storm.


Your work and romantic worlds are brimming with excitement, Sagittarius. And this is set to continue from now through the next two weeks, stacking your career and love lives with activity. Navigating the hustle and bustle may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but it’ll be up to you to stay focused so that you don’t get sidetracked from achieving your goals. In the process, casual conversations with people you trust could help you uncover deep feelings about your emotions and true purpose. Do your best not to look away from the truth once it’s made itself known. 


You’ve got your mind on your money these days, Capricorn. But while this may help you stay on top of your day-to-day spending, hyperfocusing on your finances has the potential to leave you feeling stressed and hopeless. So this week, work to see the bright side of things by making small adjustments to your budget that’ll allow for simple pleasures that uplift your experience. Meanwhile, conversations with your loved ones could provide a welcome distraction and encourage you to really put things into perspective. Take full advantage of any opportunity you get to shake off nervous energy and unwind with your nearest and dearest. 


You’re quick with your words, Aquarius. But it’s important to remember that you can be a tad cutting when you aren’t watching your delivery. This week, try to find a way to sweeten your message to help get your point across. Meanwhile, you could be feeling ready to take on an ambitious new role at work, but you’ll need to do your research before you really commit. Set aside some time to uncover and analyze every aspect of the position. Then, if an unforeseen issue causes some frustration at home toward the end of the week, do your best to keep your cool and start brainstorming solutions with the people you love.


Are you ready to reconnect with your hidden self, Pisces? Starting now and continuing throughout the next two weeks, your mind could be flooded with memories, dreams and secrets. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to perform for others during this introspective period, but be sure to keep loved ones in the loop; those closest to you may notice that you’re retreating from the world. Mid-week, you could also have a breakthrough idea for your career that involves enlisting the talents of those in your social circle. If you’re really interested in going into business with your favourite people, take this time to outline your plan and make your pitch. 

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