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First Solar Eclipse of 2024: 5 zodiac signs to face challenges on this day



2024’s biggest solar eclipse is set grace the night sky in April. Two solar eclipses will grace the night sky in 2024, the first one will be the Khagras solar eclipse i.e. total solar eclipse and the second solar eclipse will be the Kankanakriti solar eclipse or annular solar eclipse.

Read how the first solar eclipse of 2024 will bring challenges to these 5 zodiac signs. (Twitter/OneLuckyGirl_28)

The first eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8, 2024, will cross North America, passing over Canada, the United States and Mexico. The second solar eclipse will start at 06:12 am on Wednesday, October 2, and will continue till 10:17 am on Thursday, October 3, 2024.

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People born under the Taurus zodiac sign may encounter challenges during the first solar eclipse of 2024. They could face difficulties in their work and financial matters and experience upheaval in their married lives. Additionally, conflicts with neighbours may arise, prompting the need for caution and careful consideration during this time.


The first solar eclipse is regarded as unfavourable for individuals born under the Cancer zodiac sign. This period may bring about various challenges in their lives. Those engaged in business ventures may encounter financial losses, prompting them to reassess their strategies or reduce expenses. Consequently, they may experience heightened mental stress and decreased confidence levels. Feelings of emptiness and depression may also prevail during this time, adding to their emotional burden.


Individuals born under the Libra zodiac sign might encounter a tough time during the first solar eclipse of 2204. Before the eclipse, their personal lives could see many problems cropping up. In addition, those running businesses might run into trouble, making them pause any new ideas they had. This could result in these people feeling a lot of mental pressure, which could harm their overall health.


As per Vedic astrology, the first solar eclipse 2024 may not bring favorable outcomes for those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign. As the eclipse draws near, Scorpios might grapple with various life challenges. For individuals involved in business, the pressure related to work could significantly escalate, resulting in heightened levels of mental stress.


The first solar eclipse of 2024 will likely face unfavourable situations for individuals born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. This eclipse could bring unfavourable outcomes in the workplace. They may encounter intense competition from their rivals, leading to increased pressure to outdo them. Additionally, their seniors might exert additional pressure regarding their work responsibilities. The path to getting a promotion could also be fraught with obstacles, which might bring frustration to their life.

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