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Your special spring equinox 2024 horoscope is here | CBC Life



We’ve been slowly inching our way out of the darkness over the past few months, and as the spring equinox arrives on March 19/20 (depending on your time zone), the length of day and night will finally be equal. The ego-ruling sun will also enter charismatic Aries on this day, marking the beginning of a beautiful new astrological year. This invigorating moment urges us to embrace spontaneity and ambition, allowing us to pursue our goals with gusto. Just try to be mindful of how you engage with others; it’s easy to be short-sighted during this period and you might benefit from practising your delivery ahead of time. 

When a lunar eclipse arrives in diplomatic Libra on March 25, take time to look inward and really tune in to how you react to others. Lunar eclipses invite us to examine elements of our lives that we may have been ignoring, and they can also shed light on areas where we must work to restore balance. Harness this moment to nurture your emotions and strive to become the best version of yourself. 

Then, as chatty Mercury stations retrograde in impulsive Aries starting April 1, we may need to exercise a little more patience with one another. Over the next three weeks of this transit, we’re called to be extra careful when signing contracts and communicating with the people around us. However, we can still make good progress toward our goals during this period if we’re able to manage our expectations of ourselves and of others.

The winds of change will be blowing when the first solar eclipse of the year takes place in dynamic Aries on April 8. This astrological event has the ability to dramatically transform your world, so prepare yourself for the unexpected. You could even discover information that forces you to make a choice to evolve or elevate your life — don’t be afraid to let go of the past. 

After spending the majority of Aries season in high gear, we’ll be ready to slow down and stick to what we know when the sun enters grounded Taurus on April 19. This transit can also encourage us to reprioritize our finances and get serious about our routines. Consider using this moment to focus on growing your wealth and creating a stronger sense of security in your world. 

You’ll have a brilliant chance to fill your life adventure when lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus conjunct in tenacious Taurus on April 20. This rare aspect only occurs once every 14 years; harness its power to embrace your limitless potential and you could end up having a major breakthrough.

Then, when powerful Pluto stations retrograde in progressive Aquarius on May 2, a true metamorphosis could be on the horizon. Remember to carve out time for rest and reflection as the planet of death and rebirth moves backward through the fixed air sign. This five-month retrograde period can help us to ponder our goals without any outside pressure from society, empowering us to be more precise with our actions going forward. 

We’ll be driven to nurture our curiosities when the sun enters inquisitive Gemini on May 20. This transit is also known to make us more playful and social, so seize this opportunity to pursue knowledge and discuss interesting ideas with others. Just be sure to keep an eye on the finer details, as Gemini season’s shadow side can leave us feeling slightly scatterbrained at times.  

Finally, when abundant Jupiter trines transformative Pluto on June 2, we’ll be blessed with a heightened ability to uplift the people around us and make significant changes to improve our collective experience. If you happen to be travelling at this time, your adventures could help you unlock powerful ways of thinking or figure out how to direct your unique talents toward a good cause. Don’t be afraid to strike while the iron is hot. 

Here is your special spring equinox horoscope for 2024.


Give yourself permission to slow down this spring, Aries. When Mercury, your health and work–ruling planet, stations retrograde in your first house of appearances and the self on April 1, it’s essential that you take some time to recuperate. This will also be a beautiful moment to reflect on how you present yourself to the world. Just try not to make any big changes to your look right away; focus on smaller edits until Mercury stations direct on April 25.

Then, if you’ve been feeling a bit stagnant as of late, you could get a much-needed pick-me-up when Jupiter — your adventure-ruler — sextiles Neptune — your spirituality-centred planet — on May 23. This aspect is known to usher in second chances, making it a brilliant time to explore any choices you wish you had made in the past. Consider taking a risk and seeing where it takes you.  


Are you ready to re-evaluate your relationship with money, Taurus? When Mercury, your financial-ruling planet, stations retrograde in your 12th house of secrets and dreams on April 1, you’ll be called to examine your blind spots when it comes to spending. But if you can use this three-week period to gather information, reflect on your habits and keep track of your cash, you’ll be feeling more secure about everything once Mercury stations direct on April 25. 

Then, an awakening could be headed your way as passionate Pluto stations retrograde in your ninth house of philosophy and higher education on May 2. The planet of the underworld will continue travelling in reverse for five months, encouraging you to uncover hidden truths and redefine your beliefs about the world around you. Be sure to follow your instincts as you nurture your mind and open yourself up to new experiences. 


Adopting a more hopeful attitude can help get you closer to your goals, Gemini. You could experience this firsthand when your love-ruling planet — Jupiter — in your 12th house of secrets and dreams sextiles your career-minded planet — Neptune — in your 10th house of public image and reputation on May 23. This powerful aspect will invite you to channel your passions into a professional or creative project that allows you to feel more whole. Shoot for the stars and see where you land. 

Then, as romantic Jupiter enters your first house of appearances and the self on May 25, it’s time to break out of your shell and let love into your heart. This is a beautiful transit for building confidence and getting comfortable in your own skin. But while your sunny attitude might draw others in and make you the star of the show, don’t forget to read the room share the limelight with others. 


Don’t be afraid to open up about your passions, Cancer. When your routine-ruling planet — Jupiter — in your 11th house of friendships and goals sextiles lucky Neptune in your ninth house of higher education on May 23, speaking honestly about what you want with a trusted pal could inspire you to take a leap of faith and explore a new hobby, skill or class that you’ve been curious about. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. 

Then, when Jupiter in your 12th house of secrets and dreams trines Pluto, your entertainment-ruler, in your eighth house of sex and death, making small changes to your schedule could help you embrace your power in a big way. Seize this moment to summon your courage, explore your wild side and experiment with things that once scared you. It’s time to step into your next era. 


Have you been feeling unsatisfied at work lately, Leo? You’ll have a chance to start making some significant changes when generous Jupiter conjuncts passionate Uranus in your 10th house of career and public image on April 20. This aspect could even usher in a monumental shift that turns your professional world upside down and reveals a new path for you to follow. Be ready to snatch up opportunities and make connections with people who support your ambitions. 

Then, are you looking to strengthen some of your closest bonds? When Pluto — your domestic-ruling planet — stations retrograde in your seventh house of relationships on May 2, you’ll be challenged to look inward and really confront your shadow self. During this five-month retrograde period, focus on healing your heart so you can end negative cycles. Accepting responsibility for your past actions will help you improve your connections, whether platonic or romantic. 


Leaving your comfort zone can spark some beautiful changes in your life, Virgo. This will be especially true when Jupiter, your domestic-ruling planet, conjuncts Uranus, your routine-driving planet, in your ninth house of travel and higher education on April 20. Nothing will be off the table as you begin to awaken to new ways of living; moving to a different part of the world, pursuing more schooling or writing a book are all within reach under this aspect’s influence. 

Then, pay attention to any flashes of inspiration that come when Jupiter in your 10th house of career sextiles Neptune in your sixth house of health and routines on May 23. You could have an epiphany about how to streamline your professional workflow without sacrificing your overall wellness. Just remember: you must continue to nurture your physical being in order to keep the ball rolling at work and at home. 


A brainstorming session could lead to a vital self-discovery, Libra. Remember this when your communication-ruling planet, Jupiter, in your eighth house of sex and death sextiles wellness-minded Neptune in your sixth house of health and routines on May 23. Harness this aspect’s influence to bounce ideas off loved ones, so you can figure out how to make the most out of your days and really go after your health goals. 

Then, adventure awaits as Jupiter in your ninth house of philosophy and travel goes on to trine Pluto in your fifth house of creativity and romance on June 2. If you’re single, chatting with someone special could stoke your desire for intellectual stimulation, inspiring you to seek out cultural experiences together. Regardless of your relationship status, this aspect will provide all Libras with the perfect opportunity to plan a fun getaway.


Your relationships are ever-evolving, Scorpio. And when Jupiter — your money-ruler — conjuncts Uranus — your domestic-guiding planet — in your seventh house of relationships on April 20, you could find yourself becoming more intertwined with others. If you’re partnered, you may feel ready to take your connection to the next level by pooling your assets, making a big purchase or applying for a loan together. Just be sure that you have all of the facts before you put pen to paper. 

Then, starting May 2, your ruling planet — Pluto — will station retrograde in your fourth house of family and private life, which could unearth some unpleasant memories. While it may be tempting to dwell on these old wounds, you must face the fact that you can’t change the past. Accepting this harsh truth will help you move forward as you work to break bad habits. 


You’re used to calling the shots at home, Sagittarius. And as your ruling planet — Jupiter — in your sixth house of health and routines sextiles your domestic-guiding planet — Neptune — in your fourth house of family and private life on May 23, you could find yourself bursting with ideas for your space. If your enthusiasm feels uncontainable, begin writing down your ideas and creating a game plan. Doing a little research will help get you closer to manifesting your vision. 

Then, when Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships trines Pluto — your spiritual-ruler — in your third house of communication on June 2, you’ll be able to find common ground with just about anyone you encounter. This aspect makes it easier to pull back the veil and understand what really makes people tick. If you can harness its energy to engage with people you once shied away from, a new friendship may even blossom. 


Change is on the horizon, Capricorn. In fact, when Jupiter — your spiritual-ruler — conjuncts your money-governing planet — Uranus — in your fifth house of pleasure and romance on April 20, it could bring about a monumental shift that alters how you engage with the world. If you’re single, perhaps you’ll be feeling ready to invite a new commitment in your life. No matter your relationship status, this rare aspect will provide a wonderful opportunity to gain new appreciation for your blessings and truly harness your gifts. 

Then on May 23, Jupiter in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure will sextile talkative Neptune in your third house of communication and neighbours, which could leave you feeling particularly social. Under this aspect, every interaction counts; use this moment to really take in the beauty of everyday life. There are stories all around you waiting to be told. 


Embrace interruptions this spring, Aquarius. When lucky Jupiter conjuncts your ruling planet — Uranus — in your fourth house of home and family on April 20, a surprise or unexpected event could urge you to make some positive changes to your space. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your surroundings, this aspect might even bring a jolt of inspiration that allows you to unlock your home’s hidden potential. Listen to your instincts as you seek out solutions.

Then, starting May 2, your career-driving planet — Pluto — will station retrograde in your first house of appearances and the self, calling you to reconnect with your inner voice. Over this five-month retrograde period, you’ll be given ample time to build confidence, polish your image and reimagine how you engage with others in your industry. Consider how you can align yourself with people who recognize your talents and can help you achieve your goals. 


Sticking to a budget can prepare you for the unexpected, Pisces. You could get a harsh reminder of this when your love and domestic-ruling planet — Mercury — stations retrograde in your second house of value and possessions on April 1, bringing certain money matters to your attention. If you’re in a relationship, this could be a sign to open up to your partner about any financial responsibilities you’ve been avoiding. Meanwhile, single Pisces may want to ponder whether they can do more with less. 

Then, when your career-driving planet — Jupiter — in your third house of communication sextiles your ruling planet — Neptune — in your first house of the self on May 23, others could start looking to you for guidance. Your charisma will be at its peak under this aspect, allowing you to easily step into leadership roles and navigate relationships in your community. Use your newfound influence to help make the world a better place. 

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