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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Escape into your wildest fantasies | CBC Life



Are you ready to escape into your wildest fantasies? On Monday, relationship-ruling Venus will enter dreamy Pisces, creating an enchanting energy that’ll encourage our imaginations to thrive. As the planet of love travels through the mutable water sign, it’s also easier for us to tune in to our intuition and be softer with one another, though we may resist engaging in true intimacy if we set our bar too high. Do your best to stay grounded when dealing with the emotions of others as you navigate this dizzying transit throughout the next four weeks. 

Then, we’ll experience a lull in astrological activity until Saturday night or early Sunday, depending on your time zone, when the emotion-ruling moon waxes into her first quarter in inquisitive Gemini. A sense of urgency could take over during this lunation, and you may feel like you’re running out of time. Still, it’s important that you stop and take a moment to breathe before you spring into action. The moon will also square deceptive Neptune in Pisces at this time, which means even the most straightforward plans could go awry if you’re not careful. Guard yourself against delusion and confusion by seeking an outside perspective before charging forward. 

Later on Sunday, the spirit-driving sun will conjunct intuitive Neptune in sensitive Pisces, helping us find joy through our creative outlets. This is a beautiful moment to reconnect with your inner voice. Lean into your feelings, explore your artistic side and enjoy being alone for a little while.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 11, 2024.


Do you need a little privacy, Aries? As Venus moves into Pisces at the beginning of this week, you may feel tempted to retreat and drape your romantic world in a shroud of mystery. If you’re single, this transit could even lead you to forge connections with people who prefer to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, attached Aries may also find themselves longing for the past; lean into this nostalgia and revisit happy memories with your partner. Regardless of your relationship status, this is a beautiful time to tend to your heart’s flame so that it can burn even brighter this spring.


Let friendship add colour to your world, Taurus. At the start of the week, Venus will move into Pisces, encouraging you to infuse more enjoyment into your daily routines. Seize this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and pepper your schedule with social calls from your favourite people. Then, this weekend, a surprise regarding your finances could spark you into action. But while you may feel inclined to tackle your money concerns with haste, do your best to go slow and give yourself some grace; taking your time will help you avoid confusion and make fewer mistakes moving forward. 


Work your charm, Gemini. As Venus moves into Pisces at the start of this week, you’ll be blessed with an extra dose of charisma that could help you make excellent impressions at work and in the public realm. Use this magic to expand your professional network and build bridges. If you’ve been looking for a new position or want to explore a different career path, now is your chance to test the waters. Then, this weekend, you could realize that you’ve forgotten something important at work. Once you’ve identified the problem, try to press pause. You’ll need time to think through a solution to avoid any misunderstandings. 


Are you ready to lay down new roots, Cancer? Beginning Monday, and throughout the next four weeks, you may be feeling more adventurous and eager to explore different places and spaces to live. Use this time to consider your existing ties and if you’re truly up for a move. If starting over somewhere else doesn’t appeal, revisiting art or keepsakes from your favourite travel destinations may help satisfy your wanderlust. Then, on the weekend, you could be reminded of an important task that you forgot to handle, but try not to lose your cool. Remember that everyone makes mistakes — that’s how we learn. 


Investing time in your professional relationships can help you flourish at work and in your public life, Leo. And as Venus moves into Pisces at the beginning of this week, you’ll be called to observe just how much your network bolsters your success. As you do, consider what you can do to further nurture your connections — and create prosperous new ones. Then, on the weekend, a friend could ring you up and request your assistance with a problem they’re experiencing. Don’t be afraid to offer your unbiased opinion; your unwavering confidence will help them find their footing.


Successful relationships require effort and open communication, Virgo. You could get a firsthand reminder of this as Venus moves into Pisces at the start of this week, calling you to reinvest in your romantic connections. Attached Virgos could find themselves eager to work with their loved one to secure a strong future together. Meanwhile, if you’re single, you may feel motivated to make a stronger effort to connect with potential love interests. This is a beautiful opportunity to open your heart to fresh possibilities for romance. Write down the qualities you prize most in a partner and reflect on how you work to embody them, too. 


Collaboration is often where you shine the brightest, Libra. And over the next four weeks, teaming up with people in your professional sphere could give you the chance to harness your talents and skills in fresh and exciting ways. If you work alone, you may want to consider seeking out opportunities for networking or engagement to keep your gears turning. Then, this weekend, a miscommunication regarding your responsibilities could begin to take a toll on your mind. Try not to let it weigh on you too much, and don’t hesitate to lean on your loved ones to help you correct the error.   


Your charisma will be off the charts at the start of this week, Scorpio. As Venus travels through Pisces for the next four weeks, be sure to take full advantage of this magnetic superpower. If you’re single, this could be an excellent moment to mix and mingle. Invest time getting to know a variety of new people and see what sticks. Meanwhile, attached Scorpios may want to direct their energy toward reigniting the electricity in their relationships. Not interested in romance right now? Follow your creative instincts and dive into activities that nurture your artistic side. You could even unlock a hidden talent in the process. 


You’re known for being one of the most adventurous signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius. But as Venus moves into Pisces on Monday, the idea of nurturing your domestic world could start to seem a whole lot more romantic. Over the next four weeks of this transit, you may feel particularly called toward elevating your space. Enjoy pouring yourself into home improvement and DIY projects, but be sure to consider the atmosphere you want to create before you begin spending money or commit to any major renovations. Remember to stay patient with your progress, too; it could take some time to realize your vision, but you’ll get there. 


Open up, Capricorn. This week, you’ll have the opportunity to give voice to your deepest ambitions by chatting about your desires, dreams and goals for your career with people you trust. Don’t hesitate to think out loud; your friends and family could offer valuable feedback, and perhaps even help you identify new ways to apply your talents and skills in the professional realm. Then, when the weekend rolls around, you’ll want to be careful not to act without thinking, as you could unconsciously instigate a conflict with a loved one. If you do end up bruising any egos, consider giving each other space to decompress. 


What can you do to strengthen your foundations, Aquarius? You’ll be called to answer this question as Venus enters Pisces on Monday. Throughout the next four weeks of this transit, consider how you can improve the security of your space in particular. This will be an ideal time to review your finances and any home improvement projects you’ve been planning; reconsider your priorities and keep holding yourself accountable. Then, on the weekend, you might be in the mood to tackle smaller domestic tasks, like meal-planning. Keep yourself entertained with your favourite music or podcast as you prepare for the coming week. 


Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture your confidence and sharpen your image, Pisces. As Venus moves into your sign at the start of this week, you may begin to find more pleasure than usual in tending your appearance and investing in self-care. Other people could also be more likely to approach you over this period — just try to keep them at an arm’s length until you can ensure that you’re setting boundaries that make sense for everyone involved. Then, on the weekend, you may feel inspired to get cracking on a creative idea you’ve been sitting on. Make sure you’ve ironed out the kinks before you commit to anything that requires investing your own cash. 

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