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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Don’t hesitate to make your feelings known | CBC Life



Prepare to receive messages of all kinds this week. Starting Monday, communicative Mercury will enter outgoing Gemini, putting us in the mood to share information with one another and stumble down some rabbit holes together. Mercury is dignified in Gemini, which means the speedy planet’s powers are often amplified during this transit, allowing us to express ourselves with more clarity and exuberance. Take advantage of this moment to catch up with old friends, conduct meetings with confidence and socialize with anyone who piques your curiosity. 

Later on Monday or early Tuesday, depending on your time zone, chatty Mercury will go on to trine transformative Pluto, encouraging us to find power in our voice. The pairing of these planets can also make us extra persuasive, which lends itself well to making pitches, requesting favours or anything that relies on your influence over others. If you’ve been waiting to speak up on an issue close to your heart, this will be an ideal day to make your feelings known and spark meaningful change. 

Later on Tuesday, we’ll be ready to mingle and put our best foot forward when the ego-ruling sun conjuncts harmony-loving Venus in enthusiastic Gemini. This is a beautiful aspect for making new connections but also celebrating your individuality; don’t hesitate to also take some time for self-care to nurture your inner sparkle. 

Then, when the emotion-ruling moon begins a new cycle in curious Gemini on Thursday, we’ll be called to really evaluate how we engage with others. Listen closely to your intuition throughout this lunation and focus on protecting yourself from situations or people who may not have your best interests at heart. Taking responsibility for your own words and actions — and the power that they hold — will also help you reclaim some self-assurance and peace. 

Maintaining your relationships could require more focus than usual this weekend, particularly as love-ruling Venus in impulsive Gemini squares controlling Saturn in needy Pisces on Saturday. We all tend to feel a bit more sensitive under this aspect, so take extra care when communicating with others. If you experience friction with your nearest and dearest, try to create space for everyone to discuss their concerns in an open and healthy way.

Finally, you’ll be wise to tread lightly on Sunday — bad moods could be especially contagious when the spirit-driving sun in dramatic Gemini squares restrictive Saturn in sensitive Pisces. Prevent yourself from getting stuck in the mud by chipping away at your responsibilities and making progress toward your goals. Remember: procrastination will only put more pressure on you in the long run. Act now … before it’s too late. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 3, 2024.


Does it feel as though you’ve got a lot of balls in the air, Aries? Beginning now, and throughout the next two weeks, you’ll be called to really prioritize organization to maintain the delicate balance in your schedule. Use this moment to take an inventory of all your existing commitments; if you can differentiate what’s truly important from what’s not, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to flex your social skills and indulge your flirtatious side this week. If you’re single, you may even find that this energy helps you discover a sparkling romantic connection close to home. 


Are you ready to reshape your relationship with money, Taurus? Starting now and throughout the next two weeks, you’ll have the chance to adjust your mindset around creating abundance and finding security. Try to pay close attention to how your finances flow during this period; being more present in your approach to earning and saving cash could end up yielding some meaningful results. Meanwhile, you could also be blessed with a new sense of self-assurance, making you especially memorable in the minds of others. Enjoy leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet, and remember to act with grace along the way. 


It’s time to speak your mind, Gemini. From now through the next two weeks, you’ll be blessed with an ability to articulate your innermost thoughts with true conviction. If you’ve been wanting to connect with family members on an important issue or implement changes to a shared space,  this could be an ideal moment to broach the subject. Gather your thoughts, centre your energy and take charge. This is also a fantastic week to explore different wellness practices and shake up your day-to-day routine. Seek out activities that you can do at home so you can save money while feeding your spirit. 


You don’t have to show your hand, Cancer. Starting now and throughout the next two weeks, others could become extra curious about what you’re thinking, but don’t be afraid to keep to yourself. In fact, choosing to lay low and reconnect with your inner voice could be crucial to your self-development in the long run. Investing in quiet time may also help you confront fears and release yourself from limiting ideas. Use this moment to really assess your beliefs and consider your past from a fresh perspective. You’ll be ready to step out of the shadows and shed this contemplative mood once summer begins. 


Saying your dreams out loud can have real benefits, Leo. This could prove particularly true from now through the next two weeks, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas with friends and colleagues throughout this period. It’s a particularly good time to flex your creative muscles and experiment with new business ventures. Seize this chance to take a big swing and start manifesting your most ambitious goals. And if you find you still need some extra help getting your project off the ground, know that you may not need to look far; a loved one or family member could be the key to your success. 


Does it feel like you’re under a microscope of sorts, Virgo? Beginning now and throughout the next two weeks, you could start to gain more visibility in your career. This rise in your image may also come with more reliance from your coworkers, as people come to see you as a resource for information and direction. But while you might find your newfound influence slightly intoxicating at first, it’s essential that you work to maintain separation between your professional and private lives. Creating solid boundaries and carving out time to decompress will allow you to keep generating momentum at work without getting burnt out. 


Are you ready to explore the unknown, Libra? From now through the next two weeks, you may feel particularly compelled to seek out experiences that’ll alter the way you think. Channel this energy toward filling your mind with information that challenges your existing assumptions about the world. New influences that you absorb could also give you the push you need to pursue a creative project that you’ve been mulling over. Meanwhile, if you’ve been thinking about making a change at work, you could be in a prime position to alter your career trajectory this week. Be prepared to put in the work required to achieve your vision. 


Could you use some help achieving a challenging goal, Scorpio? Whether you’re seeking a loan or a new partnership to get to the next level, you’ll have all the tools you need to make a compelling sales pitch this week. Tap into your natural charm to make a good impression and hammer out a strong agreement. Meanwhile, you may also find that your relationships require some extra maintenance from now through the next few weeks. Paying close attention to the emotions and needs of your loved ones will help you avoid unnecessary conflict in the process. 


Are you ready to prioritize your relationships, Sagittarius? Starting now, and throughout the next two weeks, your romantic and professional connections could become top of mind, shifting your perception of the world at large. Have fun discussing your beliefs, ideas and memories with loved ones and colleagues throughout this period. These conversations will be a beautiful way to celebrate your bond and may even open your mind to new truths. Meanwhile, if you’re single, buckle up — this energy could help usher a new person into your life who has the potential to really go the distance. 


A shift in priorities may be in order, Capricorn. So from now through the next two weeks, take a step back to really look at your schedule and consider how you can better optimize your time. Ironing out the kinks in your day-to-day routines could free up more space for you to explore activities that you love and that benefit your overall well-being. Seize this moment to calm your mind and imagine what your world might look like if you were able to really focus on nurturing your body and spirit. And don’t hesitate to discuss your wellness goals with your friends; they could help you find a larger community that will motivate you to reach new heights. 


Go ahead and share your thoughts with others this week, Aquarius. Your unique point of view could come in handy, especially at work. If there’s a creative or business idea you’ve been sitting on, this could also be an ideal time to bring it to fruition. You’ll be blessed with the charm to make an impactful pitch, making it easy to secure any assistance you need. Don’t be afraid to lean on your loved ones for support in the process, either — they could provide valuable input that helps move your projects forward. Then, come mid-week, you could start to feel a bit artistically drained. Follow your intuition as you seek out the thing that’ll stoke your fire.


Prioritize your peace, Pisces. Beginning now and throughout the next two weeks, you’ll be called to really block out background noise so you can focus on what calms you. Perhaps that means taking some quiet time at home to bond with your nearest and dearest. Use this moment to nurture your connections and reflect on your shared history together. Meanwhile, if you’ve been seeking fresh opportunities for your career, you may also find it helpful to confide in your loved ones about these ambitions. Be receptive to feedback from the people you trust most — what seems like a wild idea at first could end up being a viable option. 

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