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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Brace yourself as the first Mercury retrograde of 2024 arrives | CBC Life



After spending much of this year with all of the planets moving direct, we’ll experience the first Mercury retrograde of 2024 at the start of this week. On Monday, the messenger planet will begin to travel in reverse through enthusiastic Aries, creating a bit of a push-pull energy that could make us feel like we’re spinning our wheels. But while this transit might slow down our response times, it will also give us an opportunity to be more thoughtful about how we engage with others. We’ll be ready to get back into our groove when Mercury stations direct in Aries near the end of the month — just be sure to remain cautious with your words, documents and technology in the meantime. 

You could find yourself being drawn deep into your fantasies when love-ruling Venus conjuncts imaginative Neptune in dreamy Pisces on Wednesday. While this influence may be intoxicating, it’s essential that you do your best to stay grounded in reality. Use this aspect to examine how your desires can create blindspots in your relationships, and make an effort to see things as they truly are. This is a brilliant time to find more balance between appreciating others and protecting your own boundaries. 

Then, sparks may fly when sensual Venus enters passionate Aries on Thursday or Friday, depending on your time zone. As the planet of relationships travels through the cardinal fire sign, the thrill of the chase could take over, calling you to follow your impulses and pursue the objects of your affection. Harness this flirtatious transit to connect with your confidence and  take risks that make your heart flutter. You may even find that this newfound sense of directness opens the door to more honest communication in all of your bonds, romantic or otherwise. 

Finally, nothing can come between you and your dreams when creative Venus sextiles transformative Pluto on Saturday. This aspect will offer us a beautiful chance to look inward and recommit to any creative or passion projects we may have put on the back burner. Seize this moment to realize your vision and create something spectacular. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 1, 2024.


Summon your patience, Aries. Starting now, and throughout the next three weeks, it could begin to feel as though every decision you make seems to come under intense scrutiny. This Mercury retrograde cycle, consider how you might be able to slow things down without sacrificing your efficiency; learning to prioritize quality over quantity will help you stay motivated in the process. Then, be mindful of wading too far back into your romantic past mid-week, as you could end up seeing certain events through a distorted lens. Seek to stay grounded by focusing on the present. 


Protect your energy, Taurus. As Mercury turns retrograde at the start of this week, you’ll be called to eliminate anything that exhausts you so you can focus on reconnecting with your inner peace. This moment of pause could also encourage you to be wiser with your resources; try to avoid splurging and use this time to really appreciate what you already have. If you’ve been meaning to clear out clutter from your home, this could even be a prime opportunity to prepare for a garage sale or work on listing your stuff online. Whatever you do now will help you make space for bigger and better things in the future. 


Give yourself some grace, Gemini. While you’re typically known for your eloquence and wit, you may find yourself tripping over your words as Mercury turns retrograde. As the communication planet travels in reverse from now through the next three weeks, do your best to be patient with yourself as you interact with your favourite people. Though conflicts or miscommunications might arise, you can use them to pinpoint how you may be able to strengthen your bonds or better communicate your needs. Come mid-week, you’ll be eager to shift your focus toward your professional prospects; get ready to seek out opportunities for your talents to shine.


Have you been feeling discouraged by a lack of progress at work lately, Cancer? It may be time to go back to the drawing board and consider a different approach toward achieving your career goals. Starting now, and throughout the next three weeks of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, take a step back to examine how you’ve operated in the past and contemplate how you might be able to better align your professional efforts with your true values moving forward. This will be a brilliant moment to revisit old passions, embrace flexibility and learn from your failures; you could even find a renewed sense of purpose if you’re willing to really explore.


Staying tethered to outdated financial ideas could be hurting your wallet, Leo. You’ll be wise to remember that as Mercury turns retrograde on Monday. Starting now and throughout these next three weeks, be open to outside opinions and information when dealing with money matters. If you notice that you’ve made a mistake that’s been holding you back from achieving your goals, don’t be ashamed — consider it a necessary learning opportunity. Now, you have a wonderful chance to invest in your own professional development and seek out lucrative ways to leverage your skills. Have fun exploring uncharted territory as you work to carve out your niche. 


Are you ready to face your fears, Virgo? Starting now, and throughout the next three weeks of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, you’ll be called to muster your courage and confront your deepest insecurities regarding your career. This will be an ideal time to get more in touch with your shadow self and examine what might be holding you back from reaching your true potential. Harness your analytical mind to find your way forward. Then, discussing your shared finances with a loved one or business partner could spark a potentially lucrative idea mid-week. Just be sure to do your research before you commit to anything. 


Trying to solve everyone else’s problems will only drain your own emotional batteries, Libra. So as Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, do your best to tune out the background noise and really embrace solitude. Carving out time to reconnect with your inner self will allow you to regain more balance in your world while the planet of communication moves in reverse. Then, come mid-week, you may feel inspired to redirect your energy toward dreaming up ambitious new self-improvement projects. Just try not to get discouraged if things are slow to start — every step you take is headed in the right direction. 


Get ready to see the world through rose-coloured glasses, Scorpio. Toward the middle of the week you could find yourself in a playful mood as romance, art and pleasure begin to call your attention. If you’re single, this positive outlook could lead you to meet someone special — just beware of putting anyone on too high a pedestal, as they could quickly come tumbling down. Meanwhile, partnered Scorpios will be encouraged to embrace their spontaneous sides to entertain and surprise their loved ones. Not interested in romance? Take advantage of this cheerful energy to find an outlet for your inner artist and turn elements of your dream world into reality. 


Avoiding your responsibilities can lead to resentments in your relationships, Sagittarius. So you’ll be wise to keep a careful eye on your to-do list, especially with Mercury retrograde mixing things up on Monday. Starting now and throughout the next three weeks, do your best to prioritize your domestic duties before you kick back and relax. Then, you could have an epiphany about streamlining your space mid-week, so be ready to capture any jolts of inspiration that crop up. You’ll still need to employ a little elbow grease if you want to make magic happen, but don’t forget that your nearest and dearest can help you execute your DIY dreams.


Where do you feel the safest, Capricorn? You may find yourself asking this very question as Mercury begins his retrograde cycle on Monday. As the planet of communication moves in reverse for the next three weeks, harness the chance to create more comfort in your world. This will be a beautiful time to find or make improvements to a corner of your space where you can heal and relax. Just try not to push yourself; stability, privacy and security will be paramount as you navigate this energy. Seek to simplify your routines and reduce your output to take care of your physical well-being. 


The sky’s the limit, Aquarius. Whether you’re looking to improve your space or be smarter with your cash, you’ll be blessed with an influx of brilliant ideas to help you do so this week. Don’t be afraid to discuss your potential plans with your loved ones to determine which ones to put into motion first. Then, be ready to socialize with your friends and neighbours as Venus enters Aries mid-week. Over the next few weeks of this transit, you could even feel inspired to get more involved with your local community. Have fun striking up engaging conversations and building new friendships that’ll last.


Don’t rush, Pisces. Starting now, and throughout the next three weeks of Mercury in retrograde, it’s essential that you really take the time to consider your options before making any important decisions. Avoid letting anyone put too much pressure on you and do your best to give yourself as much wiggle room as possible. You’ll also be wise to avoid impulse purchases, employ a strict budget and check the fine print on all your documents throughout this period — especially with anything related to your home. Then, mid-week, take the opportunity to enjoy a little escapism and indulge yourself in your hobbies. 

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