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Why does Russia want Canadian tech for its war drones? | CBC Radio



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Ukrainians hackers have shared a cache of documents with CBC News that show how a Russian arms dealer is seeking out Canadian parts to produce its drones.

Arms maker Special Technology Center produces the Orlan-10, a reconnaissance drone used by the Russian military. (Russian Defense Ministry Press Service/The Associated Press)

Front Burner22:22Why does Russia want Canadian tech for its war drones?

Orlan-10 drones are arguably one of Russia’s most important assets on the battlefield. Which is why the West has sanctions in place to keep the tech needed to build the drones out of Russian hands.

So why do hacked emails show that a Russian arms dealer was seeking out parts made by Canadian tech companies? And how are Western parts ending up on the frontlines of Russia’s war with Ukraine?

Today, Ben Makuch shares his CBC investigation.

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