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Virgo Monthly Horoscope




How deep can you dive, Virgo? Ready or not, a month of major transformation has arrived at your doorstep. And if you’re saying “Doorstep? What’s that?” we wouldn’t be surprised, either. You’ve been flying high for nearly a year thanks to expansive Jupiter soaring through Taurus and your ninth house of travel, education and personal growth. You could be so far outside your comfort zone that you hardly recognize yourself, especially compared to the person you were a year ago.

Finally, April gives you a chance to integrate it all. The Sun, a total solar eclipse AND your ruler ,Mercury (which will be retrograde for most of the month), will all converge in Aries this month, activating your eighth house of intimacy, investments and transformation. You could suddenly crave deep privacy and time to focus—a more settled energy than you’ve felt in a while! 

Once you turn inward, Virgo, be prepared. Your excavations could turn up a LOT more than you anticipate—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! But have you ever mindlessly pulled a loose thread on a sweater and suddenly the whole garment starts to unravel? That could happen when you start to investigate an intuitive hunch or ask an innocent question. Be prepared to strike gold…or dig up something you might decide is better left buried.

The introspective vibe could kick in at the very beginning of the month. On April 1, your galactic guardian, Mercury, will turn retrograde in Aries, wreaking its havoc until April 25. During this signal-scrambling cycle, even your best-laid Virgo plans can hit roadblocks and delays. 

Mercury is the planet of communication, technology and travel; this challenging “backward” journey happens three times a year. With info-hound Mercury backing through Aries and your secretive eighth house, your paranoid tendencies could flare. You may feel like everyone has a hidden agenda (do they?), or you could be hypersensitive to even the nuances of what people are saying and how they say it. 

The eighth house also rules sex and intimate connections, and retrograde periods can bring back people from your past. If you open your phone to an unexpected DM from an ex, or your own mind wanders down nostalgic (and steamy) paths, don’t be surprised. Maybe the second (or third) time will be the charm. Sometimes Mercury retrograde gives us another chance when the timing is right! Just proceed with caution.

The big day arrives on April 8, when a total solar eclipse—also a supermoon—lands in Aries. This turbocharged new moon opens an important six-month chapter around joint ventures and intimate relationships. On top of that, today’s skies will feature SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, the north node and healer-feeler Chiron. We’ve nicknamed this event the Chironeclipse since Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon. 

Is it time to resolve some painful relationship patterns or to bid adieu to limiting beliefs around your worthiness? You might find yourself shedding a few layers of shame or lack that you didn’t even realize were there. A big surge of emotions that you’ve brushed aside could also take you by surprise. Keep this little mantra in mind: What the eclipse reveals, Chiron heals.

Your long-term financial goals could get a surprising surge of activity since the eighth house rules wealth, shared resources and property. Over the next half-year, explore ways to make your money work harder for you, perhaps in a partnership with others. Is there a passive-income opportunity worth checking out, like affiliate sales or a real estate investment, whether a rental property or a home of your own? Maybe you’ll combine your superpowers for mutual gain or attract a VIP who opens doors.

The solar eclipse could also guide a will-they-or-won’t-they relationship onto more serious terrain. From engagements to family planning to long-term commitments, you may take a step in one (or more!) of those directions. Eclipses can bring surprises as well as action that progresses at lightning speed. You could go from casual to official faster than you can say “eclipse glasses.”

Speaking of glasses, is it time to widen your viewfinder? You’ll emerge from the cosmic cocoon of Aries season ready to explore the wider world again on April 19, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Taurus and your ninth house of adventure and expansion. Brooding dissipates, and your joie de vivre returns. 

An opportunity to travel, teach or study could arise over the next four weeks. In fact, it could come out of left field on April 20, when global Jupiter and Uranus, planet of the unexpected, make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus. To give you an idea of the rarity: These two planets only connect like this every 14 years, and their last time doing so in Taurus was in May 1941. So plan to take full cosmic advantage!

This momentous mashup could bring a flash of good luck (yay) and a giant nudge to take a risk. You’re invited, yet again, to swing far out of your comfort zone. Much like at the eclipse, you should expect the unexpected. This time, however, the surprise is likely to be a fun invitation to explore a bucket-list destination or experience. In other words, a veritable kaleidoscope of possibilities awaits.

Have you been anxiously awaiting a green light? Circle April 23, when the year’s only Scorpio full moon illuminates your third house of communication. You could have a game-changing conversation or receive a long-awaited answer to your proposal or offer. 

A project—perhaps one that’s been brewing over the past six months—might move from the idea phase to execution. Since the third house rules local events, opportunity could knock closer to home than you expect. If you’ve been exploring a new neighborhood to call home, la luna could deliver the perfect stomping grounds. A sibling or colleague might figure into events today. Is it time to have a meaningful talk to clear the air?

Just keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until April 25. Although people may want answers AT the Scorpio full moon, try to buy yourself a couple extra days before giving a solid yes or no—if not a couple more weeks. Make sure you’ve gathered all the details, so you can be 100 percent sure you want to move forward. Not that we need to tell a Virgo that! Affirm before you confirm.

Partnerships are getting a blast of officializing energy this month as the love planets forge deeper into the realms of intimacy and commitment. From April 5 to 29, romantic Venus pays a visit to Aries and your intimate, erotic eighth house, which is also the zone of mind-body-soul mergers. 

After spending the first quarter of 2024 in close connection, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will finally split up this month. Starting April 5, Venus will move into fiery Aries through April 29 and Mars will linger in watery Pisces until April 30, heating up your seventh house of relationships. After that, Mars move into Aries, setting the stage for a spicy start to summer! 

While Mars is in Pisces, you might feel a bit of pressure to make things official. Or, you could be the one putting stress on the situation. While it’s good to have goals to a point, you could easily go overboard fixating on the future now. Slow down and savor the present a little more, especially since Mercury is retrograde.

Hosting Venus in your sensual eighth house amps up your seductive powers, but at the same time could leave you feeling vulnerable and even jealous. Should those feelings arise, try to breathe through them instead of reacting. Regaining composure in the moment can not only quell your anxiety but also present an opportunity to deepen your bonds.

Feeling out of touch with your inner vixen, Virgo? Do some hip circles, yoga or any kind of movement that gets you feeling limber and loosened up. Refresh your “intimate apparel” drawer and try simply slowing down and savoring the sensuality of a moment. A journaling practice can also help you connect to your soul’s longings. You might try the ritual of morning pages from The Artist’s Way—free-writing for three minutes without letting judgment or censorship stop you (a feat for any Virgo!) to see what your inner voice “blurts” out.

With the Sun in Aries until April 19 AND the new moon in Aries on April 1—you’re in power-player mode, thanks to all the cosmic action in your eighth house of shared resources and wealth. Think about setting up your future and maximizing your money by exploring pooled resources, investments and savvy moves (like mortgage refinancing) to put you on the path of long-term security. Perhaps you’ll buy or sell property or start exploring real estate deals. 

On April 19, the Sun enters Taurus, your ninth house of freedom, expansion and travel, putting you in the mood for adventure. And when disruptor duo Jupiter and Uranus meet in Taurus on April 20, your entrepreneurial urge could surge. This rare cosmic convergence could inspire you to return to school (either to teach or study) or take your talents to a global audience. With Lady Luck on your side, some Virgos could roll the dice on a new start-up or entrepreneurial venture. 

Just take things slow while Mercury is retrograde until April 25. You could have second thoughts or miss key information. Ask lots of questions, Virgo style, and check out other options before you commit to anything prematurely.

Love Days: 1, 6

Money Days: 12, 21

Luck Days: 10, 19

Off Days: 8, 15, 4

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