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This Canadian Brand Has Launched The First AI-Fitted Bra—Here’s Everything You Need To Know



If there’s one thing we all know about bras, it’s that they’re hard to shop for. Size ranges are often lacking. They aren’t inclusive of diverse body shapes and sizes, and most options on the market are just plain uncomfortable. Standardized measurements fail to accommodate everyone’s unique curves and edges, leading to discomfort, poor fit, and shoulder and back pain. If you’re tired of uncomfortable underwires, shaping issues, and spillage, it might be time to consider something custom. That’s where DOUBL comes in, catering to the distinct needs of every wearer with the help of AI technology.

What is DOUBL?

DOUBL is a Canadian company that specializes in made-to-measure bras, fuelled by AI technology. Founders Jessica Bosman and Bryn Davis Williams decided it was time for women to take the reins when they learned that Victoria’s Secret was made by a man for other men. They also realized that the sizing charts used by most bra companies haven’t been updated in 100 years, so their reliability is more than shaky.

But those aren’t the only issues. Most companies ignore natural breast shapes and weight, only using two horizontal measurements to determine cup sizes.  Not everyone’s breasts fit into these pre-determined sizes and some people feel excluded entirely.  To worsen the deal, limited sizes are offered and typically you won’t be able to find every size in stock when you visit a brick-and-mortar store, meaning you can’t truly gauge their size range or fit.

It’s DOUBL’s mission to address those problems and serve everyone who has been burned by the current model. The brand seeks to save people time, energy, and stress, offering a solution for those who can’t find stores or brands that cater to their needs. Whether you’re a new mom who is too busy to visit a store for a fitting or have skin elasticity issues and could use some extra support, DOUBL has you covered.

How does it work?

DOUBL has developed the first made-to-measure bra that can be fitted and ordered from the comfort of your own home. Using advanced smartphone technology to capture body measurements directly from an app on your phone, DOUBL will determine your perfect fit. Simply put on a form-fitting outfit and a bra in your current collection that fits you best, then stand in two poses. The app will create a 3D body rendering without taking or storing photos or videos (privacy is key!). DOUBL will then fit and adjust your bra pattern to your measurement points, taking note of your breasts, shoulders, and back. In a few weeks, your new bra will arrive at your door, made just for you.

What are the launch perks?

DOUBL will be launching a discount through Kickstarter on April 30th, 2024. One bra will retail for $146, a 25% discount on its original price of $195. If you want an event sweeter deal, sign up for DOUBL’s newsletter on their website. That’ll give you more than 40% off. You can also claim an early bird discount by placing a deposit.



Disclaimer: The prices displayed are accurate at the time of publication. We’ll do our best to keep them as up-to-date as possible, but you may see slight changes.

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