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The best airports in Canada were revealed and number one isn’t Toronto Pearson



If you’ve travelled through Canadian airports, you may have some thoughts on which provide passengers with a better travel experience.

Canada is home to multiple major airports offering lounges, shopping and other amenities to while away your time waiting for your flight. However, some are just a cut above the rest.

A new report has revealed the best airports in Canada based on what they offer travellers, and perhaps surprisingly, Toronto Pearson Airport (Canada’s largest airport) wasn’t named the best in the country.

A report by CasinosHunter looked at 25 operating airports in Canada and ranked each against six determining factors — the number of outbound direct flight destinations, number of lounges, number of dining facilities, on-site car rental companies, hotels within a two-mile radius, and operating airlines.

According to the report, airport lounges, dining facilities, and hotels were judged compared to how many passengers go through each airport every year. Each airport then received a score out of 100.

The ranking revealed that the best airport in Canada can be found in the prairies — Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport topped the list as the number one airport in the country, with a score of 72.11.

The airport serves the city of Saskatoon, central and northern Saskatchewan, and has five airlines.

“With around 930,000 passengers passing through every year, YXE airport has 24 destinations passengers can fly to and a total of 15 hotels within a two-mile radius,” says the report. YXE also has one lounge and five different dining facilities.

Coming in second was Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport, which received a score of 69.2 out of 100.

YQB has 12 airlines flying to 34 destinations and serving 1.1 million annual passengers, according to the report. The airport also has five restaurants, six on-site car rental companies, and a number of hotels within a 2-mile radius.

Travellers can also enjoy the airport’s VIP lounge by ClubMed, available to all passengers who would like to relax before their trip for a fee.

St. John’s International Airport rounded out the top three airports in Canada, with a score of 60.96 out of 100. Located in Newfoundland, the airport offers travellers two hotels within a 2-mile radius and 23 destinations, according to CasinosHunter.

The airport also has one lounge, several on-site car rental companies, and a number of shops and restaurants.

Despite being Canada’s largest and busiest airport, Toronto Pearson Airport came in at spot number six in the ranking, scoring a 52.33 out of 100.

Toronto Pearson has more than 40 airlines flying to over 160 destinations around the globe.

The airport also has over 60 restaurants and dining facilities, 40 duty-free stores and retailers, and several lounges and spas. So while it may not have been named the best airport in Canada, you’ll definitely find tons to do here before your flight.

While it wasn’t number one, the airport did manage to make the top 10, alongside other major airports like Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Vancouver International Airport.

The best airports in Canada

Here are the top 10 airports in Canada, according to the report:

  1. Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, Saskatchewan
  2. Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec
  3. St. John’s International Airport, Newfoundland
  4. Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport, Ontario
  5. Thunder Bay International Airport, Ontario
  6. Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario
  7. Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec
  8. Vancouver International Airport, B.C.
  9. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Manitoba
  10. Greater Moncton International Airport, New Brunswick

Happy travels!

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