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Taylor Swift Super Bowl commercial: Inside Cetaphil’s tear-jerker NFL ad about father-daughter bonds | Sporting News Canada



Call it what you want, but Taylor Swift’s influence cannot be denied.

The Brads and Chads may be sick of seeing the popstar on TV during Chiefs games, but dads and daughters are not. Nielsen data from this season shows NFL viewership among girls ages 12 to 17 increased 53 percent since the first game in September. Social media is full of some parents sharing how Swift’s involvement in football has improved their relationship with their child.

Plenty of companies are taking advantage of the singer and her young audience with their Super Bowl commercials. Beauty brands NYX and e.l.f. will debut their first Super Bowl advertisements on Sunday while Dove will return to TV screens during the game for the first time in 18 years.

Cetaphil purchased a Super Bowl commercial time slot with the intention of capitalizing on those relationships Swift helped create and improve.

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Cetaphil Super Bowl commercial

Cetaphil’s commercial came together quickly. It was pitched in early February and completed just a week later.

Game Time Glow, as it’s titled, shows a father and daughter bond over football because of Swift. A father and daughter in real life, the commercial is based on their reality – their relationship grew throughout the season due to the daughter’s love for Swift and the father’s love for football. Their experience influenced the storyline shows in the commercial.

It’s a simple, subtle advertisement that isn’t full of glitz, glamor and celebrities. That was intentional for the skincare company who wanted to stand out and show a moment of authenticity. Traces of Swift are found to the keen eye, such as friendship bracelets and jersey numbers 13 and 89.

“We’ve found a lot of teenage girls who are starting to connect with their dads at the toughest point in their relationship,” said executive creative director Alex Foster. “Suddenly, it’s opened up this opportunity for dads to ask questions about their lives.”

VP and head of marketing Luis Garcia added, “We’re all behind the purpose, and we want to be part of that narrative and encourage that emotion and connection.

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Taylor Swift fans react to Cetaphil ad

The commercial was released not even 24 hours ago, and Swifties of all kinds are already moved by it. Take a look at how fans are reacting on social media.

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