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“Sportscursion” — A Growing Travel Trend Among Canadian Sports Fans – Canadian Travel News



“Sportscursion” — A Growing Travel Trend Among Canadian Sports Fans

February 15, 2024 Marsha Mowers

Canadians are eager to bet big on their favourite sports team with Canadian travellers willing to jet off on ‘sportscursions’—a new term from Flight Centre Canada to describe vacations designed around attending live sporting events. 

According to a recent Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) survey* conducted by YouGov, roughly one out of two Zillennials (47%)—a cohort combining Gen Z and Millennials—are likely to travel on a ‘sportscursion’, with over one-fifth (21%) expressing they’d be very likely to do so. Gathering these insights from over 4,000 adults across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK, this global pulse-check indicates a robust trend for blending sports fandom with travel adventures. 

Interest in ‘sportscursions’ by Canadians is close to global averages, with 36% likely to plan a ‘sportscursion’. Regionally, 45% of Canadian men are showing a particular interest for planning trips centred around sports, while 28% of Canadian women are indicating the same inclination, saying they are likely to plan a ‘sportscursion’ trip in the future.

Soccer and multi-sport events are the frontrunners, enticing 47% of these Canadian ‘sportscursion’ enthusiasts equally. Not to be outdone, football and Formula 1 races are on course to captivate 32% and 27% of the Canadian market, respectively.

“This year is shaping up to be a phenomenal one for sports fans,” said Chadd Andre, Executive Vice President for Flight Centre Canada, pinpointing the growing enthusiasm for significant events such as the Super Bowl, NHL, and the Kentucky Derby, leading up to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. “We’re seeing great interest from Canadians in travelling to sports events, and amid this wave of anticipation, strategic travel planning is crucial.” 

Andre underscored that leveraging the expertise of professional travel experts can ensure a standout ‘sportscursion’ experience. With 86% of Canadians reporting that finding exclusive deals is the most important factor when planning a vacation, consulting with expert advisors

could help travellers secure access to special rates and unique packages for the upcoming UEFA 2024 championship, which may elude those booking on their own. 

Given this high interest in ‘sportscursions’, 2024 stands as a year primed for the merger of athletic spectacles and travel escapades, with Canadian fans gearing up to be part of the global cheer. 

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