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Solar Eclipse 2024: These zodiac signs might have a negative impact | – Times of India



Solar Eclipse 2024:Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse is going to occur today i.e., on April 8, 2024. People from arpund the world are eagerly waiting for this moment to capture. In India, it won’t be visible so there will be no sutak period as well. If you want to know ore about this Surya Grahan then scroll down the article and read more about it.
What is Total Solar Eclipse?
When the moon totally obscures the sun and casts a shadow across the surface of the Earth, this phenomenon is known as a total solar eclipse.This uncommon astronomical occurrence occurs when the moon appears to be larger than the sun, briefly causing a blackout during the day.
A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s umbra, or shadow, passes over the surface of the Earth, causing a stunning darkening of the sky. When the sun’s brilliant corona is visible around the moon’s borders, observers who are in the line of totality—where the umbra falls—experience a brief period of darkness in the middle of the day.
Complete solar eclipses are important astronomical occurrences that have historically had spiritual and cultural importance in many different nations. Witnessing these breathtaking occurrences draws people from all over the world since they present a unique chance to take in the majesty and wonder of the cosmos.
It’s crucial to remember that direct observation of a total solar eclipse without appropriate eye protection can result in serious eye injury or even blindness. To safely see a solar eclipse, you should always use specialised solar viewing glasses or indirect viewing techniques like pinhole projectors or solar filters for telescopes and cameras.
The path of totality for the next complete solar eclipse that will be visible from North America is expected to go from Mexico through the United States and up into eastern Canada on April 8, 2024. Astronomers and eclipse enthusiasts are likely look forward to this event, which promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience to those who are lucky enough to see it.
Here in this article we are going to talk about those zodiac signs who might have negative impact of Solar Eclipse.
1. Cancer
Solar eclipse may have a greater impact on Cancerians because they are highly emotional and sensitive people. Unresolved emotional difficulties or conflicts in their personal and familial lives may surface during the 2024 solar eclipse. During this period, Cancerians may have emotions of instability or insecurity. It is important for them to take care of themselves and ask for help from loved ones to get through these difficulties.
2. Aquarius
Though progressive and independent by nature, Aquarians may find the Solar Eclipse of 2024 difficult, especially when it comes to friendships and social ties. Aquarians may encounter upheavals or disputes in their social networks, which could result in feelings of estrangement or loneliness. In addition, they can run against roadblocks in the way of fulfilling their long-term ambitions, which would force them to reevaluate their future plans and tactics.
3. Scorpio
During the 2024 Solar Eclipse, Scorpios—who are intense and profoundly transforming people—may have difficulties, especially in the realms of money and personal authority. Financial setbacks or unforeseen expenses may occur to Scorpios, forcing them to reassess their goals and available resources. They might also have power struggles or disagreements in their relationships, which forces them to examine their own attachments and emotional patterns in great detail.

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