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Poll Shows Majority of Canadians Feel Bombarded by Sports Gambling Ads



If you watch any sports, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the advertisements for various sports betting platforms.

A new poll from Maru Public Opinion says over 65 per cent of Canadians feel they’re being bombarded by gambling ads and they should be removed from live broadcasts.

Executive Vice President of Maru, John Wright, says 70 per cent believe athletes and celebrities should not be allowed to star in such commercials, citing fear that it may lure more people in.

The study found that men between the ages of 18 to 34 are more likely to make a wager through online gambling sources.

Wright says online betting is very attractive to those brought up surrounded by technology and the internet.

He says 60 per cent of Generation Z respondents are making sports bets—many of whom are doing so through online casino sites, and not the safe platforms backed by the local lottery corporation. Wright says it’s concerning because it puts young people at risk of financial troubles and gambling addictions.

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