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Canada and Nvidia forge AI tech partnership



Canada and Nvidia forge AI tech partnership

Huang emphasized the importance of investing in Canada, known as the cradle of modern AI, highlighting Nvidia’s longstanding relationship with Canada in deep learning.

This distinction is largely attributed to researchers Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton, recognized as “godfathers” of AI, who have significantly contributed to the field and established notable AI research hubs in Toronto and Montreal.

Huang’s visit included discussions on accelerating Canada’s AI ecosystem, emphasizing government support, nurturing research talent, and creating post-graduation opportunities. This approach aligns with Canada’s rich research landscape, though concerns have been raised about the country’s slipping global AI talent and infrastructure rankings, as noted by Stephen Toope, president of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

Toope highlighted the critical need for computing power to sustain AI research and development, suggesting a consortium approach backed by the government for efficient procurement of computing resources.

Given the complexities and costs associated with semiconductor manufacturing, as evidenced by the Canadian Semiconductor Council’s report, Canada’s strategy does not aim to rival leading chip producers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

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