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Athena Club Has Officially Launched In Canada



Finding body care items that work for you can be tough. Many drugstore products contain not-so-great ingredients, but if you turn to luxury brands, you’re going to have to pay the price. That’s where Athena Club comes in. The brand makes affordable, accessible products with next-level ingredients and sustainable processes. Whether you’re in the market for shaving products, wellness goodies, or period care essentials it has you covered.

What is Athena Club?

Athena Club is a personal care company on a mission to create high-quality body care products that are accessible to everyone. It’s committed to spotlighting high-quality ingredients, using sustainable packaging, and working with innovative patented technologies, aiming to improve the personal care space one razor and shaving cream at a time. Founded in New York, it’s been a favourite on the U.S. market for years, and now it’s available to Canadians at all Walmart, Jean Coutu, and Brunet stores, and on the Athena Club website. 

Here are a few Athena Club products that are currently in our carts:








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