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After 10 Pakistan flight attendants vanish in Canada, an air hostess now lands in Toronto without passport



A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) cabin crew member flew from Islamabad to Toronto without her passport, leading Canadian authorities to impose a $200 fine on her, reported Geo TV. The incident occurred on March 15 when she unintentionally left her passport behind while on duty for flight PK-781 to Toronto, and consequently had to board using only general declaration documents, the report said.

She was fined by the Canadian authorities 200 Canadian dollars after the negligence was discovered once the flight landed, the report said.

PIA confirmed the incident and the imposition of a fine on the cabin crew member who flew without her passport. The airline’s spokesperson, without disclosing her identity, mentioned that she had inadvertently left her passport at Karachi airport.

However, the spokesperson dismissed rumors suggesting the crew member intended to seek political asylum in Canada, stating that she was returning to Pakistan via flight PK-782.

This occurrence raised concerns, particularly in light of recent cases involving PIA flight attendants reportedly seeking immigration to Canada.

In recent years, more than 10 PIA air hostesses have gone missing in Canada, reportedly seeking immigration.Earlier this month, on March 1, another PIA cabin crew member was reported missing in Canada, as confirmed by the national airline, The flight attendant was expected to return for duty on PIA flight PK-782 in Toronto on February 29 but failed to show up for work on the return flight to Pakistan.Recently, an air hostess also disappeared from her hotel. Authorities found her uniform and a note reading, “Thank you, PIA,” in her hotel room, according to a report.

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